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CEO WATER: 6 Stages Water Filter System Cartridge Replacement Set

RM 208.00 RM 268.00

CEO 6 Stages Water Filter System Cartridge Replacement Set


  • Filter connectors are provided
  • White tube is provided
  • Ready install upon receive

Filter 1

  • With high quality material meeting F.D.A. specification
  • Remove sand,solid particlesandsedimentsfrom incoming water

Filter 2

  • Reduce chlorine, contaminants and fine sediments.
  • Absorb unpleasant odour.

Filter 3

  • Reduce chlorine,absorb unpleasant odour and colour effectively
  • Improve taste

Filter 4

  • Using membrane with pore sizes 0.01 micron.
  • The filter has thefunctions toremove high molecular-weight substances,colloidal materials,andorganic and inorganic polymeric molecules.

Filter 5

  • Mineral stone from the bottom of the unpolluted sea of Korea Island contains trace mineralthat are essential for human body
  • Alkaline ball adjusts the pH of water to mild alkaline and helps to balance the pH in human body

Filter 6

  • Remove chlorine, heavy metal, contaminants & microorganisms.
  • Also absorb unpleasant odour and colour effectively.

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