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CEO KOREA Water Filter Cartridges HALAL 10 inch

RM 19.40

CEO KOREA Water Filter Cartridges HALAL


Sediment Filter : To remove solid particle, silt and rust

Pre Carbon Filter : To reduce chlorine, bacteria, rust, color, odor, etc

Post Carbon Filter : To improve water taste, odor, microorganism, etc

Alkaline Bio Filter : Enrich mineral content, improve pH and mild alkaline

Hydrogen Filter :  Makes hydrogen rich alkaline water with strong anti oxidant activity. It helps boost body energy and hydration.

Silver Carbon Filter : Inhibits the growth of bacteria within the filter media bed. The addition of silver in the carbon has brilliant performance of Anti-Bacteria.

UF Membrane Filter : Ultra fine membrane up to 0.01 micron can cut off and remove microorganism, bacteria, and some virus effectively 

Length : 10 inch

Installation :
Digital QR Guide is provided

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